We believe in honouring our student achievements with an annual graduation.

A formal grade 12 graduation ceremony will take place each year in late June (after the Core course diploma examinations). The formal celebration will be planned by the students and families will be informed of final details in May of each year. The schools strive to provide opportunities for fundraising to cover all graduation ceremony expenses so families do not have to submit fees to the school.

ALL graduating students are REQUIRED to participate in fundraising events.

Fundraising activities may consist of school bingos & raffles that are held throughout the year. No grade 12 student should miss these events as the profits go toward their graduation. Throughout the school year all grade 12 students must participate in monthly graduation meetings as well for planning purposes. Plans include date, location and time of the ceremony, decorations, budget, fundraising, invitations, photography, grad jackets, music, theme, colours, guest lists, center pieces, student speeches, etc.


Grade 12

Graduated 2017