Our Team

Siksika Board of Education employs a wonderful and welcoming group of people who are part of making your children's experience a successful one.

Chris Scout
Wanda Calf Robe
Assistant Superintendent
Administrative and Communications
Louise Rabbit Carrier
Executive Assistant
Nicole Munro
Student Services
Lenora Poundmaker
Director of Learning
Carmen Sweetgrass
Administrative Assistant
Finance and Payroll
Darren Pietrobono
Financial Controller
Florine Duck Chief
Accounts Payable Supervisor - Payroll Clerk
Shawna Prairie Chicken
Accounts Payable Assistant
Human Resources
Roberta Olds
Human Resources
Mercedes Woods
Human Resources Assistant
Information Technology
Victor Hilal
System Principal of Information Technology
Mark Cheadle
Program Consultant
Harlon McMaster
Information Technology Specialist
Rob Cardinal
STEAM Co-ordinator
Jason Doore
Transportation Supervisor
Destiny Rabbit Carrier
Transportation Assistant
Operations and Maintenance
Dallas Durocher
O&M Supervisor
O&M Assistant