Vision and Mission

Siksika Board of Education looks forward to welcoming you and your family to our place of learning

Our Vision
Competent, confident and knowledgeable Siksika students.
Our Mission
To provide all students an innovative and globally renowned learning environment.
SNHS Grade 12 Graduation 2019
Our Values
The Siksika Board of Education is guided by the following values. All our decisions and actions will demonstrate these values. We believe that putting our values into practice will create long-term benefits for Siksika Nation and all our students we serve.

Trustworthy– we are credible and accountable for all our students and staff.

Integrity– we are responsible, fair and honest in our governance decisions and actions.

Ethical– we operate with high ethical education standards based on Siksika traditions and protocols.

Commitment– we are committed to life-long learning and the highest standard of education for all.