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Siksika Board of Education is pleased announce the hiring of our new superintendent, Isstoi’soowa
(Winter Count Coup), Christopher Scout. The board is optimistic of our new journey and feel
confident that Isstoi’soowa will carry out the duties to ensure our students receive the best quality
“Isstoi’soowa has extensive experience in the world of education from previously working with
Calgary Board of Education for the past decade, and a former teacher at Siksika Nation High School.
The board plans to take our education area in a new direction where our treaty rights will be properly
asserted, relationships with all governments, external school boards will be restored and most
importantly our students will be set up for success”. -board chairperson, councillor Sikoha’tsista,
Carlin Black Rabbit.
“I believe strongly in Education.  The work of teachers, support staff, administration, and system
personnel makes a huge difference in the lives of the communities they serve.  Thomas King, in his
book The Truth About Stories writes, “The truth about stories is that that’s all we are.”  I’m excited to
be a part of the story of the Siksika Board of Education and work with staff, students, parents and
families to tell the best story we can.”-Isstoi’soowa, Christopher Scout
The new Siksika Board of Education superintendent will start April 11, 2023. The board would like to
thank assistant superintendent, Wanda Calf Robe for her dedication and commitment to serving as
the acting superintendent, she will return to her role.
Thank you,
Siksika Board of Education


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