Siksika Board of Education

The Siksika Board of Education (SBE) provides academic and student support services for K-12 learners from Siksika Nation. SBE manages four schools; Chief Crowfoot School, Chief Old Sun School, Siksika Nation High School and Siksika Outreach School. All four schools are situated in Siksika Nation.

Siksika Nation historians, elder’s and knowledge keepers, teachers and volunteers work together to educate our students in a variety of programs that accommodate all styles of learning. The curriculum includes courses from Alberta Education and the Siksika Language and Culture Program which is an integral part of our learning experience at SBE.

The Siksika, also known as the Blackfoot (or Blackfeet in the United States), are one of the four nations that make up the Blackfoot Confederacy. The Blackfoot Confederacy or Siksikaitsiitapi include; Amsskapipiikunniwa (Blackfeet Tribe) located in northern Montana, U.S.A., Kainaiwa (Blood Tribe), Siksikawa (Siksika Nation) and Aapatohipiikunniwa (Piikani Nation), located in southern Alberta, Canada.

In the 2016 census, 22,490 people identified as having Blackfoot ancestry. In 2018, the Siksika registered population is 7,497, with 4,095 living on reserve in Alberta located about 80 km east of Calgary, and three km south of the Trans Canada Highway #1.

The Siksika Board of Education is guided by the following values. All our decisions and actions will demonstrate these values. We believe that putting our values into practice will create long-term benefits for Siksika Nation and all our students we serve.


Trustworthy – we are credible and accountable for all our students and staff.
Integrity – we are responsible, fair and honest in our governance decisions and actions.
Ethical – we operate with high ethical education standards based on Siksika traditions and protocols.
Commitment – we are committed to life-long learning and the highest standard of education for all.

Chief Crowfoot School
Chief Old Sun School
Siksika Nation High School
Siksika Outreach School

Chief Crowfoot School was named after well known Chief Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot) who was a traditional Chief of the Siksika or North Blackfoot who represented the Siksika people at the signing of Treaty 7 in Siksika Nation on September 22, 1877.

Chief Old Sun School was named after leader of the Blackfoot Chief Old Sun from Siksika Nation the late 1800’s. Chief Old Sun School serves children in K-6.

Siksika Nation High School opened its doors in 1997 and serves both junior and senior high students.

Siksika Outreach School began its journey in a temporary portable with 13 students in October 2008 and moved into its new building with 105 students in November 2011.